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I am a web developer by profession. I have been developing websites for the past 7 years using Opensource (PHP, MySQL, JavaScript with different frameworks). Two years ago got opportunity to work on BPM/CRM tools. Currently predominant one is Pega (PRPC). The transition between Opensource to closed source enterprise level techonology is still happening. A bit difficult though as the main reason being all other developers being selfish enough not to tell or disclose the idea or working behind such tools.

I will try and make the work of other fellow developers a little easier by sharing my experiences with the world. Like how other developers have made my programming life easier.

Note: I might make mistakes when sharing my understandings, maybe my understanding might be wrong. If it is wrong then please do correct me friends.


2 Responses to About Me

  1. kumar says:

    i read your post quite interesting you are helping fellow developer in Pega sounds good, i saw your post on execution of store procedure in pega , i need a help in calling store procedure my work place DB store procedures have a cursor , so how do we define in pega, i know we pass input parameter and output parameters i tried in different ways but it giving many errors so if you can help that is really appreciated by the way DB is Oracle

  2. Raj says:

    Hi frnd, I appreciate your initiation and wish you good luck.


    P.S: lets get in touch via email , cheers!

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