Salesforce Interview Questions

1. What is the use of finish method in batch class
2. What is the return type of batch class
3. same profile users, differentiate field’s (1) visibility
4. why do we go for a sharing rule, criteria
5. What is a Permission set
6. why do we go for role hierarchy
7. what is use of record types?
8. why do we use sosl
9. when clicking list button a vf page should open. what all u will define
10. how do u implement pagination in sf. different ways
11. data loader
12. deployment tools
13. use of rollup summary fields
14. diff ways to display data in table of vf page
15. diff apex repeat and apex page block table
16. pageblocktable — have a checkbox in header of table
17. pass param from js to controller in vfpage
18. use of action function. (sforce.execute)
19. Integration funciton in site
20. How many records does a soql query fetch
21. Trigger, what is the minimum and maximum times a dml query runs for update trigger
22. Integration have u worked.. i told no.
23. What do u understand about governance limits
24. what is the maximum number of emails in mass email
25. one scenario based question on validation. Can you achieve this without writing code
26. how many ways can u write apex code in salesforce
27. What do you know about different editions

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