Well… Promotions were announced today in my company. As always for the past 4 Years I didn’t get it. Promotions in IT industry are they true.. Well to a certain extent true. For people like me it is very bad. I am a kind of person who doesn’t talk much. I don’t fight much, not only in professional life, but also in personal life.

Should I just quit my current company and switch to another company. Hopping jobs. I don’t think so. Atleast for the past 5 years I am not switching jobs. I am sticking to one company.

My friends tell me dont love your company. If they dont want you one day they will just throw you away. I have been switching technologies one after another in one single company, rather than switching companies sticking to one technology.

I have been using PHP, Chordiant, Pega, Lombardi, then again Pega and now again Chordiant. I didnt find it difficult to unlearn and learn a new one… Technology change then manager change.. Then again you have to prove… :(

IT Experts please do tell me am I doing the right thing sticking to one company than to one technology…?

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